About Us

Hello! My name is Whitney and I am the founder of Skincare Party Box (SKPB).

I created this subscription box because of my love for finding and trying new skincare products & my passion for supporting BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and women-owned brands. Honestly, I was not an avid subscription box lover but when I started being interested in subscribing to a skincare box that included the brands I was excited to try (i.e. the brands I discovered on Instagram, Etsy, podcasts, and farmer's markets), I could not find that subscription box on the market. So, I decided to create the box I wish I had found.

In creating this box, I wanted to prioritize products formulated with natural ingredients. Over the past few years, I had begun to read product labels and I was shocked at how many chemicals and synthetic ingredients were in the products I used daily. Not all synthetic ingredients are bad but I prefer to keep those types of ingredients to a minimum and harness the power of ingredients sourced sustainably from the earth.

Also, I wanted to make a conscious effort to send my subscribers awesome products at budget-friendly price points. Some of the well-known subscription boxes in the beauty and skincare space tend to send out products that cost 2-3x the price of the box. I found myself falling in love with $40 to $60 products that I couldn't afford to repurchase. On my journey of sourcing products for this box, I have discovered so many brands with awesome price points and I am super excited to share these finds with you all through this box.

Beyond skincare and skincare related products, I want to SKPB to be a community of people who support and motivate each other to try new things, love ourselves unconditionally no matter how many wrinkles or acne spots we have on our face, make self care a priority in our lives, and just have fun. I hope you love this box and community as much as I do. Now let's party!